Modern Frankfurt

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Administrative Building of Commerzbank AG

Architect: Richard Heil
Height: 109 m
Completion: 1973
Skyscraper Frankfurt Skyline

Banking District

Simultaneous to Frankfurt's rise as a fair city came the need for financial organisation. The most simple of beginnings, featuring transactions made in wooden booths in front of St. Nicholas´ Church, have given way to a development that has seen Frankfurt become one of Europe´s premier finance centres.
Skyscraper Frankfurt


Architects: Heil, Krahn
Height: 143 m
Completion: 1974

The 143-metre high City-Haus was one of the first high-rises in Frankfurt with a non-column construction design. The gross floor area of 52,000 qm is spread over 42 storeys and 2 basement levels.
Skyscraper Frankfurt Skyline


Architect: Sir Norman Foster
Height: 259 m (300 m incl. antenna)
Completion: 1997

Built in 1997 and designed by the renowned architect Sir Norman Foster, this highrise, which serves as the headquarters of the Commerzbank, is 259 metres tall. The nine integrated garden landscapes located on the upper levels make the tower a unique architectural experience.
Skyscraper Frankfurt Skyline

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers

Architects: ABB Architects
Height: 155m
Completion: 1984

Allegedly the twin towers of the Deutsche Bank headquarters are called "Credit and Debit" by locals, these faceted glass towers are different colours depending on viewing angle. From above, they reflect the ground, appearing black and from the ground, they reflect the blue sky. The towers have a common podium base.

Deutschherrnviertel / Main Plaza

Architects: Kollhoff und Timmermann, Berlin
Completion: 2002
Height: 88 m
Skyscraper Skyline Frankfurt

DomRömer Project - Reconstruction of Frankfurt’s Old Town

People walking across the Römerberg on their way to the Emperor’s Cathedral will automatically find themselves facing a gigantic construction site. What’s happening here in the heart of Frankfurt’s old town, passers-by may ask. The approximately 7,000-square-metre area in the heart of Frankfurt’s old town is being reconstructed on the basis of the original blueprints of the quarter. Once completed, it will comprise nearly 30 townhouses.
DomRömer Project, Copyright: HHVISION


Twenty-three housing schemes were realised in the 1920s according to the functional Bauhausstyle, designed by Ernst May. The architecture of "New Frankfurt" became world-famous.

Euro Monument

Designer: Ottmar Hörl

The Euro monument with its yellow stars stands for the new European currency, which was established on 01.01.2001.
Art Culture Frankfurt


Eurotheum contains a combination of offices and luxury apartments, has thirty-one floors, and is one hundred and ten metres tall. The sleek glass clad building has six projecting floors at the top.

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