Main Festival

05.08 - 08.08.2016

The Main Festival will commence on the Friday with live music at the Römerberg. A municipal representative will head the opening ceremony at 6:00 pm in front of the Fountain of Justice, which will be transformed into a wine fountain for the occasion. With children's carousels, fairground rides, games, tombolas and shooting galleries, this traditional folk festival attracts children of all ages, making it the only city festival for the whole family. The traditional highlight, a superb fireworks display, will bring the festival to a close on the following Monday.

Opening hours
Friday/Saturday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am
Sunday/Monday from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am

Official opening ceremony on Friday, 05.08.2016

Fishermen's joust
Sunday, 07.08.2016

Fireworks display
Monday, 08.08.2016

Getting there
There are no car parking facilities for the event and visitors are requested to use local public transport. Take Subway (U-Bahn) U4 or U5 to "Römer" or Trams 11 or 12 to "Römer/Paulskirche".


Live-Musik auf dem Römerberg



Fahrgeschäfte, Kinderkarussells, Spiel-und Schießstände, Verkaufsstände, Süßwaren, Sommergärten und Imbiß-/Spezialitäten-Stände



via public transport to the Mainfest:
Subway lines (U-Bahn) U4 and U5, exit at Dom/Römer or tram lines (Straßenbahn) 11 and 12, exit at Römer/Paulskirche


The history of Frankfurt's Mainfest

The Mainfest was originally a festival for fishermen and boatmen and was supposedly derived from the consecration of the Dreikönigskirche (Church of the Therre Kings) of 23 July 1340.