Apple Wine meets Riesling

Set alongside rolling vineyards, the mighty River Rhine and the Niederwald Monument high above, Rüdesheim is a town awaiting discovery with all of the senses. Visitors have scenic landscapes, fine fare and Riesling wines of the highest quality to look forward to, among other things.

Frankfurt, meanwhile, has something for absolutely everyone. The metropolis on the River Main offers countless cultural highlights, historical sightseeing attractions, culinary delights, stunning views, bustling city districts, a pulsating nightlife, cosy apple wine pubs and much, much more.

Frankfurt am Main

Strolls along the River Main

The banks of the River Main, with their picturesque promenades, green gardens and imposing bridges, rank amongst Frankfurt's most beautiful locations. It's no wonder that locals refer to them as the lifeline of Frankfurt. Here, you'll have the chance to enjoy an extended walk, to jog, row, cycle or simply sit back and relax on one of the many riverside lawns. It is also from here that the city's cruise ships depart on their leisurely jaunts up and down the river.



Whether you prefer things elegant and exclusive or unusual and unique: Frankfurt is the ultimate shopper's paradise, featuring an international and highly diversified range of goods and services. Frankfurt's premier retail promenade, the "Zeil", ranks amongst Germany’s most profitable shopping streets. And that's just the start! Away from the mainstream, visitors will find countless independent shops and boutiques promoting their own fashion and design labels. Pay a visit to Berger Straße or the Brückenviertel (Bridge Quarter) in Sachsenhausen, both of which are brimming with unusual shopping opportunities, to get a taste of Frankfurt's variety.


River Cruises

Come aboard and cast off! A leisurely cruise on the majestic River Main is a great way to enjoy some of the many sights of Frankfurt. Eventide cruises are particularly recommendable, with Frankfurt's silhouette so beautifully illuminated that even the stars become envious.

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The New Frankfurt Old Town

An historical part of the city has finally been returned to its former glory: Come and discover the New Frankfurt Old Town, where you'll come across new experiences at every corner. Beautiful boutiques, cosy cafés, rustic restaurants, winding walkways, picturesque plazas and magnificent museums offer plenty of opportunities for discovery, indulgence and relaxation. The mediaeval timber-framed house, "Goldene Waage", with its inviting ground-floor café, is just one of the many aesthetic pleasures awaiting you in Frankfurt’s newest, oldest quarter.

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Seven locally grown herbs make up the primary ingredients of Frankfurt's most popular culinary speciality, "Green Sauce". This delicious concoction is known to have been the favourite dish of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany's most celebrated poet and Frankfurt's most famous son. For visitors of Frankfurt, it's an absolute must! Green Sauce is one of the classics of Frankfurt cuisine, right alongside the world-famous Frankfurters. Typically served with boiled eggs and potatoes, it is best when enjoyed together with the locals' beverage of choice, Frankfurt apple wine. Our tip: Make sure to sample both at a traditional apple wine pub. You'll be glad you did!

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Christmas Market

When Frankfurt's skyline and the old town's majestic Christmas tree combine to light up the city's night sky, when Frankfurt apple wine is served piping hot, when 50 bells from 10 Frankfurt churches chime in beautiful harmony – then it's Christmastime in Frankfurt! Come and enjoy the nostalgic yuletide atmosphere and sample regional products like "Bethmännchen" marzipan candies, hot apple wine and "Quetschemännchen", small figurines made of dried plums.

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One thing we can absolutely guarantee is that you won’t be bored during your stay in Frankfurt, our cultural offerings being both colourfully diverse and of the highest quality. Frankfurt is, after all, home to one of Europe's leading museum landscapes. The so-called museum embankment along the River Main is not only architecturally stunning, it also features 13 internationally renowned exhibition houses set side by side like pearls on a string. It is here that you’ll find the world-famous Städel Museum, which magnificently puts on show 700 years of art history under one roof.



Holders of this super-saver card have an array of attractive discounts available to them at various locations within Frankfurt and the surrounding Rhine-Main region. The free and unlimited use of the region's public transport networks is also included. The RheinMainCard is the perfect ticket for combining your stay in Frankfurt with a visit of the historical wine town of Rüdesheim am Rhein, which is just a short trip away!


Rüdesheim + Assmannshausen am Rhein


This famous laneway is a mere two metres wide and no more than 144 metres long. Nevertheless, it has written history like very few other passages. Drosselgasse represents the heart and soul of the wine town of Rüdesheim, bringing together people from all across the globe. Anyone who’s ever spent a balmy summer’s eve here, dancing, drinking and making merry, will know what people are speaking of when they mention Drosselgasse. It is the quintessence of Rhineland joviality and joyfulness.


Ring Ticket

Holders of the so-called Ring Ticket are guaranteed an excursion to remember. The action starts off with a cable car ride over the vineyards of Rüdesheim to the famous Niederwald Monument. From there, you'll head off on a 30-minute hike through a scenic landscape park with breathtaking views of the Rhine Valley to Niederwald Hunting Castle. Once here, another cable car will take you to the famous wine town of Assmannshausen. Finally, for your last stage, you'll board a river cruise ship, which will take you past the famous "Mouse Tower" back to Rüdesheim.


Romantic Tour

Those who decide to take the Romanticism Tour will take a river cruise from Assmannshausen to Castle Rheinstein, where they’ll experience "Rhine romance" amidst the setting of one of the most beautiful castles along the River Rhine.


Herb Menu in Assmannshausen

Take a break from your tour of Assmannshausen to enjoy a true culinary highlight: Stop off at a restaurant of "Kräuterwirte" and sample a menu of delicacies made from a selection of herbs grown on the surrounding slopes of the Rhine Valley. Did you know that pansy blossoms are edible? You'll find out much more while enjoying a meal so naturally healthy and delicious that you won't soon forget it.



As of the end of 2017, Rüdesheim has been able to boast a further unique tourist attraction: The Vinothek RheinWeinWelt is a special wine bar located in a huge wine tank of the former – now heritage-listed – Asbach Distillery. Come and sample fine wines while strolling amidst the walk-through tanks. The unique thing about this tour is that you'll be pouring the wines on offer yourself, thereby turning the wine-tasting session into a very individual experience. All in all, you'll find more than 150 wines from 76 winemakers to choose from.



The individual wine-tasting session WineTime takes participants on a vinicultural trip through Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen, stopping off at four different wine bars to sample some of the local drops on offer.