Springtime’s in the air at Alte Oper

Looks like we’ve gotten out just in time: Everywhere we look, Mother Nature is awakening from its winter sleep. Sadly, most of you aren’t able to be here – yet – to enjoy this natural spectacle, thanks to that dreadful pandemic that we won’t mention again by name! And so, we’ve put on our walking shoes and gone out to bring springtime to you – photographing magnolias, daffodils, cherry blossoms … all the gifts of nature. As it so happened, we were there just in the nick of time, because, as everyone knows, the full bloom of spring is generally over in a few short days.

Magnolie in Frankfurt
Magnolie in Frankfurt - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

Our first stop took us to Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s time-honoured old opera house, and its immediate surroundings. During our brief stop, we found many wonderful motifs. We’ll simply let the pictures do the talking.
We started at Bockenheimer Anlage. Here, birds are chirping and flowers blooming at virtually every corner. The bees are busy as well, naturally. So, who’s going to be the first to discover the big bumble bee?

1 Frühling Hummel Blüten
Hummel auf Blüten - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau
2 Frühling Skylineblick
Skylineblick im Frühling - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

These three beautiful young trees are ornamental cherry trees. If you are not quite sure which genus or species a tree in Frankfurt belongs to, you may always look it up in the so-called tree register.

3 Frühling Zierkirsche
Zierkirschen in Frankfurt - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

Taking a quick look around the back of Alte Oper, we discover a beautifully blossoming magnolia, which immediately has us falling into floral rapture. Have a look for yourself:

4 Frühling Magnolie
Magnolie und Alte Oper  - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau
5 Frühling Magnolie
Magnolie und Hochhäuser in Frankfurt - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau
6 Frühling Magnolie Sonderformat
Magnolie und Alte Oper - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

We continue on and cross Reuterweg, arriving at Rothschild Park. Here, spring is hasn’t unfolded its wings just yet, but you nevertheless feel how the buds are just waiting to explode..

7 Frühling Rothschildpark 1
Rothschildpark - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau
8 Frühling Rothschildpark 2
Rothschildpark - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

Leaving the park, we stroll alongside Alte Oper in the direction of Taunusanlage. From here, the view of old opera is truly amazing.

9 Frühling Alte Oper Narzissen
Alte Oper und Narzissen - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

The setting around the Marshall Fountain is also very easy on the eye and we decide to take a little break, softly humming the melody to “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles. Springtime has definitely already arrived here.

10 Frühling Marshall Brunnen
Marshall Brunnen - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

We continue along Junghofstraße towards Taunustor. Here, too, people are sitting outside and enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays.

11 Frühling Taunusanlage
Taunusanlage im Frühling - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

We now also decide to settle down in the grass and call an end to our little Frankfurt tour for today. But there’s still time for a final photo – depicting a magnificent floral paradise in front of the Japan Tower.

12 Frühling Japantower
Japantower im Frühling - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau

With this beautiful view, we say goodbye for now and send you greetings from afar … #FromFrankfurtWithLove

13 Frühling Magnolie Blütentraum
Blütentraum - © #visitfrankfurt, Sabine Gnau