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Feel Frankfurt

In Frankfurt with love

Frankfurt. We missed you. We could see you – but couldn’t feel you. Now, your pulse is slowly starting to beat again and life returns.

From Frankfurt with love

Frankfurt, we miss you!


Rediscover Frankfurt

From Frankfurt with love (English version)

Frankfurt…we miss you!

A Sunny Old Town Stroll

Come and visit the new old town with our certified tour guide.

Meet Frankfurt in LESS than a MINUTE

Frankfurt Convention Bureau

Frankfurt in 5 minutes


Travel Frankfurt in a Minute - Drone Aerial Video


Luminale digital

BE\\LONGING (Full Show) | Xenorama Projection Mapping at Alte Oper

Luminale Be//longing / Xenorama xenorama

Fragmented Appearances G Adem

Fragmented Appearances / Gertjan Adema

InterSECTION - Luminale Frankfurt 2020 - Maxin10sity (Rehearsal)

InterSECTION / Maxin10sity, Budapest

GRIM WHITE © Hafenbrädl / McCarthy, Luminale 2020

Grim White / Vanessa Hafenbrädl, Anna McCartney

Malte Kebbel - Light Anemones | Karmeliterkloster, Luminale 2020

Light Anemones / Malte Kebbel

Waldweg im Herbst / Hagar Elazari

Waldweg im Herbst © Hagar Elazari

Save our Souls: „ERLEUCHT-TURM“ / Atelier Orbit 24

Erleucht-Turm im Atelier Orbit24 | Luminale 2020

Online Premiere Facing Extinction Luminale 2020

m box berlin

GRIM WHITE - Luminale 2020

Vanessa Hafenbrädl - dieselqueen

Myrkviðr Making Of © Yasuhiro Chida

Yasuhiro Chida

Luminale 2020 Philipp GEIST Ariadnes Nacht

Philipp Geist - Videogeist