All city walks for groups at a glance

All city walks and theme walks

Frankfurt for Non-Historians

City walk with interesting stories and anecdotes for groups

Past and Present

City walk through the city centre of Frankfurt for groups

Frankfurt and the New Old Town

The New Old Town walking tour for groups explains to visitors the concept behind the quarter's restoration

The Coronation Route - Following the Footsteps of Kings and Emperors

This two hour city walk covers former electoral sites and festival venues where the coronations were celebrated with much pomp and circumstance

Frankfurt Peculiarities

Two hour theme walk about the many mysterious and curious sites of Frankfurt’s old town

Frankfurt the Euro and Banking City

Two hour theme walk for groups

A History of Crime in Frankfurt

Get a closer look at the locations involved in the city's most memorable crime stories in two hours for groups

The Station District – Frankfurt’s Melting Pot

City walk through Frankfurt’s most unusual and entertaining quarters for groups

The Frankfurt East End and the European Central Bank

Two hour theme walk for groups around the European Central Bank

Frankfurt and its Apple Wine

Our one and a half hour city walk tells the story of Frankfurt's apple wine for groups

Frankfurt, the Animal Kingdom - Safari in the Urban Jungle

An adventure on foot for groups for old and young

St. Paul's Church and the St. Paul's Parliament

One hour walk through the St. Paul's Church for groups

Frankfurt for Insiders

Discover squares, monuments, shops and places of art and culture in a two hour city walk for groups

Emperor's Hall at the Römer

One hour walk through the "Imperial Hall" for groups

Architecture in Frankfurt on foot

The one and a half hours walking tour for groups focuses on Frankfurt’s urban development from the Middle Ages to present day

Following Goethe's Footsteps

This excellent two hour guided walk for groups takes a closer look at the Frankfurt of Goethe’s time

Frankfurt along the River Main

Two hour walk along the River Main for groups

Feeling Frankfurt

For groups: A Special Tour for the Blind, the Vision-Impaired and the Sighted

Frankfurt Höchst

Two hour walk through the Frankfurt city district of Höchst for groups

Jewish Frankfurt on foot

Two hour theme walk to Frankfurt's history and cultural life for groups

Famous and Forgotten Women in Frankfurt

Find out how women influenced their respective eras during a two hour theme walk for groups

Guided Tour of the Goethe-House

The one hour tour of the Goethe-House for groups gives visitors a vivid impression of everyday life during the Goethe era

The Freedom Movement of 1848

This two hour theme walk for groups takes participants to some of the most famous sites of the revolution of 1848

Frankfurt's Eastern Harbour

One and a half hour walk through the ground of the Easten Harbour for groups

Children's Tour: "Emperors, Walls, Towers"

This one and a half hours city walk for groups has been specially developed for school children between the ages of 6-10