Frankfurt Tour Special

Guided tours of a very special variety

Take part in these exclusive tours, led by our certified tour guides. Enjoy Frankfurt delicacies or experience unique locations from an altogether different perspective.

Frankfurt Peculiarities

Two hour theme walk about the many mysterious and curious sites of Frankfurt’s old town

A History of Crime in Frankfurt

Get a closer look at the locations involved in the city's most memorable crime stories in two hours for groups

The Station District – Frankfurt’s Melting Pot

Two hour city walk through Frankfurt’s most unusual and entertaining quarters for groups

The Frankfurt East End and the European Central Bank

Two hour theme walk for groups around the European Central Bank

Frankfurt for Insiders

Discover squares, monuments, shops and places of art and culture in a two hour city walk for groups

Feeling Frankfurt

For groups: A Special Tour for the Blind, the Vision-Impaired and the Sighted