Frankfurt's Eastern Harbour

One and a half hour walk through the ground of the Easten Harbour for groups

View of Frankfurt Osthafen (Eastern Harbour)
View of Frankfurt Osthafen (Eastern Harbour) - © Christoph Rau HFM

Commercial shipping looks back on a long and storied past in the trade city of Frankfurt am Main. So-called “market ships” were bringing products and produce to Frankfurt from outlying regions and towns as early as the 12th century. This tradition was honoured in 2012, with Frankfurt's Osthafen celebrating its 100th year of existence.

Today, Frankfurt Harbour continues to be an important hub for Europe’s largest inland waterways. It is also the central point of many important international road and rail links. Moreover, Osthafen Frankfurt has been serving as a container transhipment centre since the early 20th century.

Meeting point:
At the entrance of HFM, Lindleystraße 14 - other meeting points are not possible due to security reasons

This highly interesting tour starts by taking you to the historical northern and southern harbour basins, which are still in use today. The harbour’s wet docks and wharf facilities are particularly impressive. From here, the tour leads participants through massive container streets, finishing up at Honsell Bridge, from where you’ll have an excellent view of the new European Central Bank as well as the Harbour Park.

One-and-a-half hours

Please note:

  • At the same time only one group can be booked.
  • This tour is bookable from Mon.-Thu. onwards between 08:30 am and 4:00 pm and Fri. between 08:30 am and 2:00 pm. Latest starting time is Mon.-Thu. 2:30 pm and Fri. 12:30 pm.
  • The tour route is not barrier-free.

Prices inclusive 19% VAT:
€ 170.00 per tour guide for up to 25 persons

Payment conditions:

For billing addresses within Germany:
- Payment due no later than three (3) weeks prior the tour date
- Short-term bookings (less than three weeks) require immediate payment

For billing addresses outside of Germany:
- Prepayment by credit card

Cancellation conditions:
- Cancellations submitted in writing at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the tour are free of charge.

The following safety instructions of the HFM Managementgesellschaft für Hafen und Markt mbH must be heeded when entering the harbour premises:

  • The taking of photographs on the grounds of the Osthafen is only permitted upon prior consultation.
  • The wearing of sturdy shoes is recommended.
  • Tour participants must wear high-visibility vests during the entire course of the tour. Vests may be borrowed from the harbour master’s office.
  • Tour participants must follow the instructions of the harbour master, the harbour authority and the harbour railway security personnel at all times.
  • Please be aware of your immediate surroundings at all times during the tour. The lorry trailers parked throughout the grounds are a particular safety risk, so please move throughout the area with due care and attention.
  • Special care must be taken when crossing train tracks. Do not enter sections of the track where it is difficult or impossible to walk or stand.
  • Train tracks may only be crossed at locations where visibility in both directions is unhindered. Under no circumstances may tracks be crossed when a rail vehicle is approaching.
  • Some sections of the quay wall have no guardrail. Special care must be taken at these sections.
  • The winter road clearance service may not be in operation at all times, in particular on very cold days. On such days, roads and footpaths in the harbour area may be icy. Special care must be taken in such instances.
  • The harbour premises may not be entered without prior authorisation by the harbour master’s office. It is also not permitted to film or take photographs without the permission of the harbour master’s office.