Michelin Star Restaurants in Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers a large number of gourmet restaurants with award-winning chefs serving exclusive menus at elegant eateries all across the city. Many of them are holders of the prized Michelin star, the ultimate culinary seal of approval. Wherever these artisans ply their trade, diners may expect innovative cuisine of the very highest quality.


Restaurant Lafleur

Palmengartenstraße 11
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Andreas Krolik
2 Michelin Sterne

The cuisine here is classic and reduced, yet rich in ideas, contrasts and beautiful combinations. May it be the vegan menu? You will be warmly and carefully taken care of, in the glazed extension of the "Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten" - chic the design. Own wine house.


Restaurant Gustav

Reuterweg 57
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Joachim Busch
2 Michelin Sterne

High quality, stylish, uncomplicated. The modern style of the restaurant can also be found in the kitchen, and above all, it has one thing: its own signature. The food is pleasantly reduced, beautiful the interplay of contrasts and textures. Some tables overlooking the kitchen. Smaller lunch menu.


Restaurant Villa Merton

Am Leonhardsbrunn 12
60487 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: André Großfeld
1 Michelin Stern

Here classic and modern are harmoniously combined, resulting in finesse-rich dishes with intense aromas. The atmosphere in the listed villa in the diplomatic district is noble, the service friendly, trained and present.


Carmelo Greco

Ziegelhüttenweg 1-3
60598 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Carmelo Greco
1 Michelin Stern

At Carmelo Greco, selected products meet creativity, impeccable craftsmanship and abundant finesse. The result: a successful reinterpretation of classic Italian cuisine. Equal to it: the modern-elegant ambience and the well-rehearsed service. Also with pretty terrace.


Seven Swans

Mainkai 4
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Jan Hoffmann
1 Michelin Stern

Are you looking for something special? This is the narrowest (but at least seven storey tall) building in the city! Stylish the interior, great the view to the Main, on the plate vegetarian made from organic products. Many ingredients come from their own farm nearby.


Erno's Bistro

Liebigstraße 15
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Valéry Mathis
1 Michelin Stern

Savoir-vivre pure: wood paneling and decorative accessories ensure an authentic bistro flair, a lively atmosphere and sophisticated service with charm. Not to forget the French cuisine, which is straightforward and rich in flavor, great product quality. Classy wine list with rarities!



Bethmannstraße 33
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Patrick Bittner
1 Michelin Stern

Elegant restaurant in Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof. A successful contrast to the ambience is the creative and modern interpretation of French cuisine. Professional service, also in terms of wine. In the summer, the Ehrenhof is a must! Tip: lunch menu at a fair price.



Weserstraße 4
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Küchenchef: Daniel Pletsch
1 Michelin Stern

You'll need to ring the bell to gain access to this city-centre restaurant in the Bahnhofsviertel. Once inside, you'll find a smart, high-ceilinged room designed in the minimalist style which provides the ideal setting for modern, creative, pared-down cuisine which is strong on texture and contrasts. The staff are as friendly as they are professional.
International / Modern kitchen


Dated: April 2021, www.viamichelin.de