Rheingau Wine Garden

From 02nd to 15th September 2020, wine aficionados will have the chance to enjoy fine wines from Germany’s famous Rheingau region on downtown Frankfurt’s culinary mile, the Freßgass’. Due to the current situation, it is sadly not possible to hold the traditional Rheingau Wine Market this year, which would normally be taking place around this time. However, Riesling fans and wine enthusiasts in general will nevertheless have the opportunity to sample some very fine drops as offered by a small selection of the Rheingau’s many vineyards.

With the new Rheingau Wine Garden, the Frankfurt Tourist+Congress Board and the Rheingau Wine Association have managed to find an alternative that – with the appropriate hygiene and safety measures in place – will at least bring a little bit of wine festival flair to the Freßgass’.

Aside from a diversified range of wines, the Rheingau Wine Garden will focus in particular on 2019 vintages, which are said to harbour very special qualities. Last year’s very warm month of May was followed by an early blossoming of the vines and then an extremely hot and dry summer. For the grapes, these were optimal ripening conditions. The 2019 white wines are therefore said to be particularly flavoursome, with a pleasantly fresh and fruity taste.

It goes without saying that all of the normally participating vintners would like to have been present at this “wine garden” in downtown Frankfurt. However, due to the prevailing hygiene regulations, only seven winemakers have been permitted to come to Frankfurt for this alternative wine market. Moreover, these seven vineyards will be presenting their vintages one after the other, that is, each vineyard has been given two consecutive days to promote their wares and to present the wonderful vinicultural variety of the Rheingau.

Participating vineyards:

Wine stalls will be open from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.

02nd to 03rd September
Municipal Vineyard of the City of Frankfurt

04th to 05th September
Weingut Manfred Bickelmaier

06th to 07th September
Weingut Wurm

08th – 09th September
Wein- und Sektgut Barth

10th to 11th September
Weingut Schüler-Katz

12th to 13th September
Weingut Baron Knyphausen

14th to 15th September
Weingut Jung-Dahlen

Please note: The Rheingau Wine Garden is situated at the large fountain in the middle of the Freßgass’. Visitors of the Wine Garden will be asked to provide contact details for potential follow-up. Wines may be consumed in the fenced-off area only. Current hygiene and safety regulations apply (e.g., social distancing, max. 10 persons per table etc.). Sanitiser dispensers are available on site.


via public transport to the Rheingau Wine Garden

Public transport stops: Hauptwache or Alte Oper


History of the Rheingau Wine Festival

The first Rheingau Wine Festival took place at the Freßgass' in 1978. Establishing the festival in Frankfurt's upmarket shopping area was a deliberate move, as the colloquial name of "Freßgass'" illustrates the street's tradition of being a place of Lucullan delights. The best place, therefore, for a festival presenting Rheingau red, white and sparkling wines!