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We would like to introduce you to the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region, a highly diversified and highly professional healthcare destination. Health aspects such as wellness, fitness, recuperation and regeneration are important components of a holistic spa holiday experience. Here, you will find them all, waiting to be at your service.

Frankfurt Rhine-Main ranks highly amongst Europe's leading healthcare destinations. The region's medical facilities feature first-rate specialist departments, state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and the most modern treatment options. Frankfurt Rhine-Main is also home to experienced medical specialists from across the globe, a wide range of health and wellness offers and numerous recreational opportunities. Combined, these aspects meet every demand of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and aftercare.


The Frankfurt Rhine-Main region’s university hospitals, specialist clinics and acute medical units guarantee intensive and comprehensive medical treatment. Moreover, the region is also home to 11 spas and health resorts offering a wide variety of therapy and recovery options. Whatever the illness or ailment, help is available.


Healthcare is not a new thing to the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region, historically speaking. Fact is, the local spa industry looks back on centuries of history and tradition. Kaiser Wilhelm II, Empress Elisabeth ("Sissi") of Austria and Tsar Nicholas of Russia represent only a few of the many famous individuals to visit the region's spas and health resorts in order to avail themselves of the healing properties of the treatments available. Today, Frankfurt Rhine-Main attracts medical visitors from all across the globe, who come to the region for the exact same reason as those noble-born of yesteryear ...

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Medizin-, Pharma- sowie Psychologieveranstaltungen

Frankfurt ist in der Rhein-Main-Region der Treffpunkt der weltweiten Medizin- und Pharmabranche. Als internationaler Messe- und Kongressstandort ist die Stadt Gastgeber wegweisender Medizin-, Pharma- sowie Psychologieveranstaltungen.


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