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What is a tax refund for travellers?

Visitors from outside the EU are entitled to get a refund of VAT paid on goods they have purchased during their stay in the EU provided that the goods are produced to Customs on departure from the EU together with the VAT refund documents.

How does it work?

As a tourist to the EU who is returning home or going on to another non-EU country, you may be eligible to buy goods free of VAT.

  • A tourist is any person who permanently or habitually lives in a country outside the EU. The refund is only possible if:
    • A tourist has his residence outside of the EU and can prove it with the ID documents or other valid documents authorizing him. Attention: the nationality is not relevant, only the 1. residence;
    • A tourist does not have a residence permission that allows to stay for longer than three months in one of the EU-countries;
    • A tourist exports the goods within 3 months after purchase

At the store

Get a Global Blue Tax Free Form.  Make sure your Tax Free Form is filled in before arriving at the point of departure. Remember no refund without

  • Completed Form
  • Receipts attached
  • Customs validation

At the point of departure

Don't pack away your purchases in your check-in luggage. You may need to show them together with the receipts to the Customs Officer.

Customs validation and refund at the Global Blue self-service Kiosk

Check for the self-service icon on your Tax Free Form. Go to the Kiosk for validation and refund before or after check-in. Follow the instructions on the screen. Receive your refund paid to your credit card within five days.

Customs stamp and refund when the Kiosk is not available

Allow time for the refund process. Go to Customs before or after check-in. Present your completed Tax Free Forms, receipts, passport, and purchased items to get a stamp. Go to a Refund Office displaying the Global Blue logo. Receive your refund paid to your credit card within five days or in cash.