Weekly farmers’ markets

Here, one finds fresh produce and countless specialities from the surrounding region. What’s more, these weekly markets also are popular meeting places for locals as well as visitors.

Bornheimer Wochenmarkt (Weekly Market Bornheim)

Weekly market

Its wide variety of fresh produce and many other wares make it one of the most popular markets in all of Frankfurt.

Wochenmarkt Schillerstraße (Weekly Market Schillerstraße)

Weekly market

Held in the city centre every Friday, this outdoor market offers a fantastic range of fresh produce and specialities.

Wochenmarkt und Markthalle Höchst (Weekly Market Höchst)

Weekly market

Fresh produce is on sale at the Höchst weekly market and market hall every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Wochenmarkt Bockenheim (Weekly market Bockenheim)

Weekly market

Here you can find a delightful range of fresh produce every Thursday.

Wochenmarkt Sachsenhausen (Weekly market Sachsenhausen)

Weekly market

Delicious shopping always on Tuesdays and Fridays at Diesterwegplatz.

Flea market Frankfurt

Flea market

Every 2nd Saturday (holidays excluded) between 9:00 and 14:00 the Frankfurt flea market invites you to "bargain hunting" Osthafhafen 1.