Families and Children

The big city for little visitors

Frankfurt is a great place to spend time with children. We have compiled a number of family-friendly activities for you that are sure to keep your little ones entertained. A view of the Main metropolis from high above is just one of the many highlights on offer, with two options available to you: You may either take the lift to the rooftop observation platform of the MAIN TOWER, or climb the stairs to the spire of the Frankfurt Cathedral in the old town. The views from each of these locations are truly breathtaking. If your children are interested in a bit of youth culture, why not attend a children’s theatre performance or visit one of the city’s many child-friendly museums? Yet another option is to pay a visit to one of the city’s many parks, gardens or forest playgrounds, where your little ones may roam to their hearts’ content.

Feasting with the Family


Families & Children

However! For this? Revolution makes history!

Families & Children | Junges Museum Frankfurt

Michel in der Suppenschüssel (Michel aus Lönneberga)

Families & Children | Papageno Musiktheater am Palmengarten

13. Frankfurter Taschenlampenkonzert

Families & Children | Weseler Werft

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Leopaulino in the most beautiful places in the city of Frankfurt!