All about apple wine

Souvenirs focusing on Frankfurt's favourite beverage

Snuggle Jug

Price: € 8.95

Apple wine soap

Price: € 3.95 per piece

A gift for the senses: A body care product made of real Frankfurt apple wine

Original Frankfurt apple wine glass / The "Gerippte" (0.25 l)

Price: € 2.00 per glass

Cheers to Frankfurt apple wine!

Glass cover (various motifs)

Price: € 9.00 per unit (glass not included)

"The right lid for every pot!" These glass covers are a popular way to keep bees and other undesirables from falling into your apple wine glass when drinking outdoors.

Frankfurt standard mustard and Frankfurt apple mustard

Price: € 5.95 per glass (210 ml)

An absolute culinary delight: Traditional Frankfurt mustard is semi-hot and made of seven local herbs. The apple mustard variety, meanwhile, is made with apples and balsamic vinegar.

The "Bembel": The traditional earthenware jug used to serve apple wine

Price: € 22.00 per unit for a 1-litre jug
         € 8.00 per unit for a 0.25-litre jug

These jugs keep apple wine nice and cool while being a real eye-catcher on every table.

Miniature "Bembel" keychain

Price: € 3.95 per unit

A Bembel for your trouser pocket

Best of Apfelwein - FrankfurtRheinMain

Price: € 9.80 per unit
Language: German

This book tells the story behind Frankfurt's apple wine culture in an interesting and humorous way. Available in German only.

Bembel pencil with and without stone

Priece: 1,20 € per piece without stone
Priece: 2,00 € per piece with stone

Bembel socks

Price: € 7.90 per pair

A small remembrance of your Frankfurt stay.

Bembel mug

Priece: 12.00 € per piece

available in two designs

Large Frankfurt apple wine box-set

Price: € 25.50 per box-set

The perfect Frankfurt souvenir!

Medium-sized apple wine set

Price: € 17.50 per box-set

Premium apple wine box-set with all the trimmings!

Small Frankfurt apple wine set

Price: € 4.50 per box-set

The ideal Frankfurt souvenir.

Medlar Liqueur

Price: € 3.00 per unit (2 cl)

Apple liqueur with medlar