Experience the thrill of flight with a cabin simulator

for up to 120 persons, 2 hours and more


Turn your employee or customer event into something a special experience and let yourself be whisked away into the otherwise unknown world of aviation training. Our team of professionals will offer you a highly interesting look behind the scenes, during which you’ll gain exclusive insights into the professional training areas of Lufthansa Aviation Training while learning everything there is to know about these unique professions. After the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to experience flight in our impressive cabin simulators. First, you’ll make sure your seatbelt is fastened tightly. Then, you’ll learn from the professional instructors of Lufthansa Aviation Training how pilots and flight attendants prepare for real-life emergency situations. These high-tech cabin simulators, which weigh up to 70 tonnes, sit on hydraulic supports that are able to realistically simulate the movements of a commercial jetliner in flight. Upon request, your guests may be actively integrated into these simulations. At the end of the flight, you and your guests may also choose to leave the cabin simulator in the more unusual way – down the evacuation slide. These simulations, which are specially developed for customer events, are certain to provide your guests with the memory of a lifetime.