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Enjoy the Main river banks in Höchst with its beautiful scenic surroundings: the castle, fortress and Justinuskirche (St Justin´s Church)!
The view at the river banks is one of the most delightful in Hessen.

Altstadt Höchst
Altstadt Höchst - © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

The location now home to present-day Höchst was originally settled way back in 5000 B.C. Höchst was first mentioned in official documentation in 790, then referred to as "Villa Hostato".The arch bishops of Mainz commissioned the construction of Justínuskirche (St Justin´s Church) in 825, sanctified in 850 by Hrabanus Maurus.
The privilege of levying tariffs on goods transported by boat to Frankfurt gave Frankfurt due cause for dispute. They attacked and destroyed Höchst in 1396. The town was once again destroyed during the Thirty Years´ War. But finally, during the 18th century, this small city enjoyed some economic upsurge.
After French occupation during the Napoleonic era, Höchst was ruled by the Duchy of Nassau and, from 1866 onwards, by Prussia. The foundation for the present-day chemical giant was laid in 1863 by the master craftsman, Lucius. Höchst officially became a city district of Frankfurt in 1928.

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