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Emperor's Cathedral St. Bartholomew

Not even tourists and those new to Frankfurt can fail to miss the starting point of our historic stroll through the city: With its 95 m high tower rising over Frankfurt city centre, the Cathedral (Dom) can be seen from afar.
Check out the scenic views of the Frankfurt skyline from the 66-metre-tall observation platform of the cathedral tower.

Dom bei Nacht
Dom bei Nacht - © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

The present-day Frankfurt Cathedral was originally a Carolingian chapel. Although called a cathedral since the 18th century, it never was an episcopal church in the true sense. Consecrated in the name of St Bartholomew in 1239, this cathedral was officially chosen to serve as the electoral site for kings of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356. Ten imperial coronations took place here between 1562 and 1792.
With the relocation of the coronation ceremonies for Holy Roman kings from Aachen to Frankfurt in 1562, the monastery received the honorary title of cathedral, which has remained to this day. On 14 August 1867 a fire ravaged much of the cathedral. Soon thereafter, the cathedral was comprehensively reconstructed in neo-Gothic style under the supervision of Franz Josef Denzinger. Air raids at the end of Second World War once again badly damaged the cathedral. Reconstruction work lasted from 1950 to 1953.

Access is stepless, as is most of the interior. Four 16cm steps lead to the choir stalls.

Audio induction systems are available in the northern nave.

Guide dogs are permitted.



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