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St. Leonhardskirche

The centre of mediaeval Frankfurt shifted from the Domhügel (Cathedral Hill) towards the western part of the city. The old Salvator Church was too far from the residences of Frankfurt's citizens, and thus they asked the future Kaiser Frederick II to grant them permission to erect a new church.


The first church, consecrated in the names of the Virgin Mary and St George, its architectural style is antiquated. The Roman basilica measured 25 metres in length, 16 metres in width and featured two towers on the east side, each approximately 30 metres tall. Aside from the two towers, two Romanesque portals still remain from the original structure. The larger of the two depicts the Virgin Mary, Jesus, St George and the apostles, John and Peter. In 1323, the church was gifted a relic of St Leonard. The late-Gothic chancel was built some time around 1425 and is known to be one of the most beautiful. In 1508, the von Holzhausen family had a smaller chancel added to the church.


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