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The Dommuseum Frankfurt preserves and displays the treasures of the three Frankfurt collegiate churches: St. Bartholomew, St. Leonhard and Liebfrauen. Each one of these churches was preciously equipped for the festive worship.

Since the Middle Ages, Frankfurt citizens, clerics, patricians, aristocrats and, of course, great craftsmen and artists have donated and designed the objects exhibited here: gold and silver equipment for the liturgy, vestments for the various feasts of the liturgical year, books, paintings and sculptures. But also accessories for very special occasions, such as the election and coronation of kings and emperors.
Among the Museum's outstanding exhibits are the articles found, during restoration work 1991-94, in the grave of two children dating from about 700. The site of the grave is marked by a floor slab just inside the iron grid as you enter the Cathedral nave. The grave relics can be seen in the the Museum's first showcase: a number of small pots, jars, fragments and other objects, but also a gold chain, golden ear-rings, a golden disc clasp or fibula and three gold rings.

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