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Brockhaus Fountain

Artist: Lutz Brockhaus
Erected in: 1984

Brockhaus-Brunnen - © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

This fountain, named after the famous German sculptor, was erected on the Zeil pedestrian promenade, between Stiftstrasse and Hasengasse, in 1984. It was chiseled from a single, 38-tonne block of white marble, brought in from Carrara, Italy. Brockhaus and his colleagues, Manuela Meyer and Christoph Kappeser, worked on the monolith for many months, creating an unusual mixture of motifs featuring a jumbo jet streaking through clouds, a man representing the PC world, and a woman engaged in the world's oldest profession. Initially, the fountain raised quite a few eyebrows in Frankfurt, as many observers deemed it unfinished. In the meantime, however, people have gotten used to its unusual appearance, in fact, it has become somewhat of a landmark on Frankfurt's shopping promenade.

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