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LOVE - a sculpture

LOVE - Metaphorics of an emotional state - a sculpture

Metaphorics of an emotional state? Love is an existential foundation of human existence. It is inherent in every human being, completely independent of origin, education, nationality or age. Love is everyday and exceptional.
Love does not find its value in the possession of the addressed object, but in the dialogic space in between.
The sculpture stands for an elementary area of our community life: integration, communication, exchange, respect, acceptance, interest.
Artistic reference
A word, a picture, a sculpture, the metaphorics of an emotional state. Place and work - residents and visitors - unspectacular and spectacular - symbol and reflection - art and humans.
Location and sculpture here refer to a living environment that was not primarily created for reasons of love, but which also accompanies us constantly and may also confuse us...
The artist Cornelia F Ch Heier sees the sculpture as an intervention: "Maybe YOU smile for no apparent reason, or transfer the feeling of love to a complete stranger, maybe you just talk about it..."
The sculpture was erected for the first time in 2007 - 2011 at various locations; since 2012 the work has been at the end of the Friedberger Anlage.
A project in cooperation with the Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main.

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