亞歐堂 meet asian art: Of Dragons, Unicorns and Moon Rabbits Animal and Mythical Creatures in Ancient China


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The world of mythical creatures belongs to the most fascinating themeswithin China`s visual culture. The depiction of nature, especially animals,became an important form of expression in the Chinese empire more than 2,500years ago, while fictional creatures appear even more frequently than actuallyexisting fauna.

The earliest encyclopaedic collection depicting hundreds of mythic animalsand odd creatures is known as Shanhaijing 山海經 („Classics of the Mountains andSeas“). The book first appeared sometime between the second and fourth centuryB.C. and was based on oral storytelling.

This exhibition presents selected objects from the Museum’s vast AsianCollection that are crafted in a wide range of materials and encompass morethan 2,000 years of Chinese cultural and intellectual history.

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