Luminale - Biennal for Light Art and Urban Design 2020 - #luminaledigital


It’s been three weeks since the Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design had to be cancelled just before the opening, and public and cultural life is still massively restricted: daycare centers and schools, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and countless shops are closed, many of us are working from home offices, and social contact is limited to the barest minimum

The subject of digitality is therefore taking on a whole new dimension and we would like to take advantage of this: Even though the Luminale was not able to light up the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach this year, we are pleased that we are able to offer a virtual view of the countless light art works and installations under the hashtag #luminaledigital on and all the Luminale’s digital channels.

This is possible because all festival projects were ready to go as planned and many of our artists photographed and filmed their works, projects and art during set-up or dress rehearsals. In addition, the Luminale photographers took numerous pictures during the press tour on the eve of the planned opening day.

The Luminale-Team hopes you will enjoy your virtual Luminale tour - and stay healthy!