Main Ferry - Evening Cruises/Special Rides


Travel only possible with reservation and payment in advance!

The only ferry in the Frankfurt metropolitan area promots only people and cyclists between Höchst and Schwanheim. The ride on the main new ferry "Walter Kolb" is not less exciting, a real pleasure and the history of the ferry.

Skyline tour to Frankfurt - turning point East Harbor
every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
from Höchst/Schwanheim at 6:30 pm
Return around 10:00 pm (depending on the lock)

The long ride to the Rhine (Main estuary)
on Tuesday June 3rd
from Höchst/Schwanheim at 6:00 pm
Return around 0:00 midnight (depending on the lock)

Ride to the Frankfurt Christmas market
on the 2nd & 3rd Saturday of Advent
from Höchst/Schwanheim at 2:30 pm
Arrival at 4:00 pm
Shore leave 2 hours
Arrival at Höchst approx. 7:30 pm

Only with booking and prepayment.

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