The Chiming of Frankfurt's Church Bells on Christmas Eve 2019


10 churches and 50 bells.

Don't miss this sound experience.

St. Paul's Church (6 bells) makes the start and will be joined by the Katharinenkirche (4 bells) at Hauptwache, the Liebfrauenkirche (5 bells), the Church of St. Peter (4 bells) and the Dominican monastery church (3 bells).

The choir will be joined by the Leonhardskirche (6 bells), the Carmelite monastery church (4 bells), the old Nikolai Church (4 bells) on the Römerberg and three King Church (5 bells) on the south side of river Main.
Finally, even the bells of the Cathedral rises (9 bells) attunes.

The most popular locations are thereby at Hauptwache, the Liebfrauenberg, the Paul square, the Römerberg and the iron bridge.[_id_inhalt]=54370