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14. January 2015

Frankfurt Cuisine

Frankfurt’s restaurant scene is as lively and multicultural as the city itself.

16. December 2014

Shopping facilities

Frankfurt is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts.

01. November 2014

Highlights 2015

In 2015, Frankfurt will once again be hosting a wide range of special events.

21. October 2014

Museum Landscape 2015

Frankfurt’s museums will once again be presenting an interesting variety of shows and exhibitions.

10. November 2014

Apple Wine

Frankfurt’s apple wine culture has been an integral part of the city’s joie de vivre for many, many years.

15. September 2014

The cultural metropolis

Visitors will find a series of world-class Museums.

03. September 2014


Frankfurt’s municipal vineyard consists of a total of 25 hectares.

01. September 2014

Goethe’s Footsteps

A walk through Frankfurt helps to bring back memories of Goethe’s time in Frankfurt.

14. January 2014

Top Shopping Destination

Frankfurt has over the years gained the reputation of a first-class shopping destination.

22. August 2014


Frankfurt’s nightlife scene also features a wide range of Clubs with a colourful programme of music and Dance.

18. August 2014


Short distances are one of the many advantages of the Rhine-Main Region.

14. August 2014

A multifaceted metropolis

Situated in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is a city of many contrasts. It is a place of tradition and modernity, commerce and culture, activity and tranquillity.

11. July 2014

Summer of activity!

Tips for nature-lovers and families in Frankfurt.

24. June 2014

A Constantly Growing City

Nothing’s quiet on Frankfurt’s eastern front.

21. May 2015

Green Frankfurt

Cycling, hiking and walking are three of the best ways to discover natural attractions.