Frankfurt Viticulture

Vineyards, Wineries and Wine Queens

Visitors at the Rheingau Wine Festival
Visitors at the Rheingau Wine Festival - © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is known to be a city of many surprises. One of them is the depth of its viticultural history. Few are aware of the fact that the metropolis on the River Main has its own vineyard as well as a municipal winery. And as of 23rd January, it even has its own Wine Queen, something that is entirely commonplace in the region’s wine villages. With the newly crowned Queen Marilen I, Frankfurt now has a face to promote its viticultural efforts at home and abroad. She will be representing Frankfurt and Frankfurt wine at countless fairs and festivals throughout the year.

Not many German cities have their own vineyard. Technically speaking, Frankfurt’s 1.3-hectare vineyard – known as “Lohrberger Hang” – is actually part of the Rheingau, a region famous around the world for its fine Rieslings. As in former times, everything here is done by hand, mostly because of the vineyard’s steep gradient, which makes it impossible to use grape harvesters. The municipal winery produces approximately 10,000 bottles of the popular Riesling – known as “Frankfurter Lohrberger Hang” – from each year’s harvest. This rare drop is sold in the municipal winery’s vinotheque, located directly adjacent to the Römer, Frankfurt’s time-honoured city hall. It is in fact the only place where one will find the wine on sale. The largest purchaser is of course the City of Frankfurt, the wines being regularly enjoyed at official receptions and similar functions. Frankfurt wines are also available by the glass at the many taverns situated on the Römerberg, like “Alte Zollhaus”. Visitors will also find it served aboard the cruise ships of the Primus Line, being the perfect companion on a leisurely cruise upon the River Main. As of this spring, the new “Coronation Wine” will be available for tasting, created especially to commemorate the crowning of the new queen.

One of Frankfurt’s most popular viticultural events is the annually held Rheingau Wine Market. Here, Rheingau winemakers get together on Frankfurt’s culinary promenade, the Freßgass', to present over 600 varieties of red, white and sparkling wines. This year’s festival (30th August to 08th September 2017) will be officially opened by Queen Marilen I and her “royal relations” from the Rheingau. Visitors will have the chance to meet Frankfurt’s Wine Queen, dressed in traditional livery. Her crown, specially created for the occasion, reminds of Frankfurt’s urban silhouette. Those who don't want to wait that long will have the opportunity to make the Frankfurt Wine Queen’s acquaintance at the International Tourist Bourse in Berlin (ITB) or the Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events (IMEX) in Frankfurt.

Wine aficionados will quickly realise that Frankfurt’s viticultural scene is highly interesting and colourfully diverse. For one thing, Frankfurt has many great wine locations, including modern bars such as “Walhofs”, traditional taverns like “Dünker”, and international vinotheques such as “WESTLAGE”. What’s more, Frankfurt is close enough for wine lovers to take advantage of its geographical proximity to the renowned German wine regions of Rheingau and Rheinhessen. Frankfurt is also known as an international city: Whether it’s Spanish Rioja, German Riesling or Portuguese Rosé, Frankfurt has the right wine for every taste.

Those keen to leave the constricted confines of the city and head to the country will find the Rheingau to be the ideal destination. A day trip to Germany’s most famous wine-growing region is an easy thing, be it by train or by car. Visits of the famous wine town of Rüdesheim are particularly worthwhile. The historical old town with its picturesque laneways invites visitors to a leisurely stroll, while the town’s many wine festivals and nearby vineyards attracts lovers of fine wine to enjoy a drop or two of the excellent local vintages.


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