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Regeneration of body and soul in FrankfurtRhineMain

Spessart-Therme Bad Soden-Salmünster (c) Andreas Hub Spessart-Mainland
Spessart-Therme Bad Soden-Salmünster (c) Andreas Hub Spessart-Mainland

Spring and the Lenting season in particular are times when people focus on the regeneration of body and soul so as to start the summer season fit and healthy. Frankfurt and its environs offer many excellent opportunities for rest and recuperation, making the region a highly popular healthcare destination. Physical and mental wellbeing, fitness and exercise, regeneration and recuperation are after all important cornerstones of a holistic wellness experience.

Situated in the heart of downtown Frankfurt, MeridianSpa offers some 10,000 sq/m of wellness space and a comprehensive spa programme. The health spa’s rooftop terrace provides guests with spectacular views of the bustling city while they themselves are able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a unique wellness oasis.

If relaxation isn’t your thing, why not go for a work-out at Europe’s loftiest fitness studio instead? Located on the 53rd and 54th floors of the MAIN TOWER, Prime Time Fitness promotes health and fitness some 200 metres above Frankfurt’s city streets.

The Rhine-Main region also provides ideal preconditions for a health-promoting stay. Come and pamper yourself at a luxurious wellness hotel or beauty farm, which offer regenerative applications while focusing on rest and recuperation. Healing waters from mineral sources have played a significant role in Frankfurt Rhine-Main for many centuries: Sanus per aquam – health through water – has been enjoyed by everyone from the ancient Romans to kings of the old empire. Warming waters, cooling waters, effervescent waters – for external or internal application, in baths or as drinking treatments – have been helping to rebalance body and soul for thousands of years. The 11 spa baths and health resorts in the Rhine-Main region are perfect places for easing mind, body and soul. Specially developed wellness trips include a wide range of preventive measures aimed at maintaining one’s health and wellbeing at the highest possible level. Known far beyond the region’s borders, the Kur-Royal in Bad Homburg, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme in Wiesbaden and the Jugendstilbad in Darmstadt are just three such recuperative destinations. The nearby Spessart Therme Bad Soden-Salmünster and the Odenwald Therme Bad König offer aquatic landscapes – including pools, saunas and steam baths – that provide the healing and restorative effects of mineral springs. At the Toskana-Therme Bad Orb, guests immerse themselves in a world of serenity and relaxation. Steam baths, brine baths and massage treatments detoxify the body thanks to the therapeutic effects of water. Meanwhile, the beautiful surrounding landscapes invite visitors to walk, hike or cycle to their hearts’ content, at the same time helping them to recharge their batteries. A weekend of relaxation or a recuperative day-trip are two of the best ways to forget the everyday hustle and bustle, replacing it with sunny skies, clean air, quiet surrounds and picturesque natural vistas. Best of all, with the RheinMainCard, the region and its many attractions become quickly and easily accessible at a most affordable price.

Over the years, the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region has also become known as a first-class medical travel destination, meeting the highest quality demands of healing and recuperation. Renowned health clinics staffed with highly trained specialists offer a full range of medical treatments, preventive examinations and screening tests. They are also the ideal place to convalesce after surgery, offering comprehensive and holistic therapies, rehabilitation facilities and all necessary follow-up examinations. A special healthcare journal entitled “Gesundheitsmagazin Frankfurt RheinMain” (available in German and Russian language) offers an overview of the region’s full spectrum of preventive, diagnostic and aftercare institutions. Collaborating with the Medical Network Hessen wiV, it is scheduled to appear in April 2017.