BurgerCompetition by PERCUMA

for 30 to 120 persons, 2 to 3 hours


How’s this for a culinary challenge? Guided by the PERCUMA team, your guests are first divided up into groups of five to ten participants (depending on overall group size). Teams are then tasked with creating their own, very unique burger. To do so, they have up to 50 different ingredients, herbs and spices at their disposal. The hamburger patties (including vegetarian, if so desired) may be made from three different types of meat, individually refined and freshly grilled, while the burger buns are freshly baked. Teams then make their very own barbecue sauce. Whatever your guests come up with, the culinary construction is bound to be highly unusual, using the most varied types of ingredients. At the end, a jury evaluates each burger’s look, taste, degree of creativity and presentation, awarding prizes for the “best on show”.