Cockpit simulation flights

for max. 4 persons, 3,5 hours and more


This location, which normally sees pilots of global airlines conducting flight checks and training simulations, guarantees to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Come aboard for your personal simulation flight and, for a brief while, forget about life outside of your cockpit. Prior to take-off, you’ll receive a short briefing from a real-life pilot that includes an overview of the cockpit’s most important instruments and functions. You’ll also get the answer to the most frequently asked question, “How is an aircraft able to fly?” A short introduction to aerodynamics serves to explain this phenomenon. Next, you’ll be asked: “Ready for take-off?” You and your fight team (up to four persons) will take turns in the pilot, co-pilot and observer seats. When it’s your turn to pilot the aircraft, you’ll first move your plane into its take-off position. Under expert instruction, you’ll then commence your flight, increasing thrust for take-off while your co-pilot raises the landing gear. After the ascent, you’ll level off and head towards your destination, an international airport somewhere across the globe. Once there, you’ll approach the runway, raise the nose of your aircraft and then feel it touch down and finally come to a stop. Congratulations! You have successfully completed your flight! Afterwards, there’s a debriefing and an evaluation of your flight, which concludes with you receiving your personal flight certificate. We guarantee you that your guests will remember this unique and exclusive programme, which we develop especially to suit the needs of your event, for many, many years to come.