Bookfair 2017

Trade faires & congresses | Messe Frankfurt

Guests of Honour: FranceThe leading international fair on the subject of books, literature and print products of every variety, featuring everything from...

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Frankfurt city archives at the Institute for city history

Exhibitions museum | Institut für Stadtgeschichte

Jörg Ratgeb (c. 1480-1526) - the murals in the Carmelite monastery The Institute for the history of the city is one of the most important municipal archives...

Fides Becker. Patina of time

Exhibitions museum | Institut für Stadtgeschichte

Fides Becker (* 1962) developed and pursued their picturesque strategies in the illusionistic pictorial space. This reflects everyday items, Spaces and...

Simulacrum - virtual worlds

Exhibitions museum | Palmengarten Frankfurt

Computer-modeled works on the outer fence of the Palm Garden. The Austrian artist Mathias Kessler in New York deals with artificial paradises and our longing...

Experiminta ScienceCenter FrankfurtRheinMain

Exhibitions museum | EXPERIMINTA - ScienceCenter FrankfurtRheinMain

From touching to understanding: hands on and minds on EXPERIMINTA wants especially to provide playful access to science and technology, as well as to arouse...

Goethe Museum and Goethe House

Exhibitions museum | Goethe-Museum - Goethehaus Frankfurt

Come and visit the Frankfurt Goethe Museum. It is the only picture gallery exclusively dedicated to the Age of Goethe. Here you will find pictures by...