Guided Tour of the Goethe House

Guided city walk for groups


Probably not available until the end of 2021

One hour tour of the Goethe-House for groups

The biggest highlight awaiting Goethe enthusiasts in Frankfurt am Main is without a doubt the time-honoured Goethe-House, birthplace of Germany´s most celebrated author and poet. The beautiful half-timbered home, situated at Grosser Hirschgraben 23-25, is known to be one of the oldest German cultural heritage sites commemorating an author or poet.
A tour of the Goethe-House gives visitors a vivid impression of everyday life during the Goethe era. He lived there, intermittently, from birth until the age of 26, at which time he left for Weimar. During his time in Frankfurt, he wrote three of his most renowned works, including "Faust", "Götz von Berlichingen" and "The Sorrows of Young Werther".

Meeting point:
Goethe Haus


Please note:

  • The Goethe House is not barier-free.