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Dr. med. Rupert Püllen

Agaplesion Markus Krankenhaus, Frankfurt am Main

PD Dr. med. Rupert Püllen - © Rupert Püllen
PD Dr. med. Rupert Püllen - © Rupert Püllen

"Aside from the many advantages of Frankfurt as a congress city, such as its central location and its excellent accessibility, the city also has one particular plus for professionals from the field of geriatric medicine: Frankfurt is, unbeknownst to many, the place where one of the most famous Germans, Alois Alzheimer, made his ground-breaking observations and scientific discoveries on the disease that now carries his name. This being the case, participants of the German Geriatrics Congress, especially overseas participants, were naturally impressed not only by the sophisticated architecture and spacious facilities of the Westend Campus of Frankfurt University, but also by the reminders of Alois Alzheimer, who conducted his research right here more than 100 years ago. The synthesis of oftentimes unknown history, scientific significance and modern infrastructure sets the congress destination of Frankfurt apart from most others. This unusual combination is the perfect incentive to hold future congresses here as well."