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Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Peter Hunfeld, MPH

Zentralinstitut für Labormedizin, Mikrobiologie und Krankenhaushygiene, Krankenhaus Nordwest

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Peter Hunfeld, MPH
Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Peter Hunfeld, MPH - © Krankenhaus Nordwest

The subject of hygiene – especially hospital hygiene – is a topic that is often heatedly discussed, and rightly so. As a laboratory medicine specialist, microbiologist and hygienist for the Hospital Foundation zum Heiligen Geist, I am in charge of the Central Institute of Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology as well as the area of hospital hygiene. I am also responsible for, amongst other things, the implementation of modern concepts for infection prevention and the reduction of the use of antibiotics with the aim of achieving highest possible patient safety. At the 1st Rhine-Main Hygiene Convention, held at Frankfurt University’s Campus Westend, hygiene experts from the entire region will be sharing information and experiences concerning the current research status of these very delicate issues. Our collaboration with the Frankfurt Convention Bureau in organising this event has been a stroke of good fortune. I am therefore more than happy to represent the City of Frankfurt as one of their official Congress Ambassadors.