Sustainable – Ecological – Social – Fair

The team of the Frankfurt Convention Bureau has made it their goal to integrate various social and ecological aspects into their day-to-day operations.

View over green treetops to the skyline of Frankfurt
View over green treetops to the skyline of Frankfurt - © #meetfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann

Our responsibility

Firstly, to get to the office, we use either our own bicycles or public transport using the “job ticket” provided by our employer. When travelling on business within Germany, we focus on choosing CO²-neutral, environmentally conscious modes of travel, using Deutsche Bahn and the DB “event ticket” whenever possible. For short trips within the city, we also have a company bicycle at our disposal.

At the office, we make sure to file our documents digitally and to avoid printing as much as possible. We always try to reduce energy use in our offices by lowering the room temperature at night and switching off computers at the end of the day, for example. What’s more, our offices are equipped with intelligent lamps that only switch on when there is insufficient daylight, and we also have occupancy sensors installed in the kitchen and toilets. And for our coffee breaks and our guests, we only use “fair-trade” coffee produced through sustainable cultivation.

We promote and live active, open communication within our team. This motivates us to consistently include sustainable aspects in our actions and to always think in a future-oriented way.

When dealing with our clients and partners, we rely on trust, openness and fairness.

To better assess the needs of event organisers and to consider these accordingly in our consulting efforts, all of us at the Frankfurt Convention Bureau have taken part in the German Convention Bureau's sustainability consultant training.

Raising awareness of the topics of sustainability and accessibility among our partners is also very important to us. At our networking events, we not only consider sustainability aspects in terms of planning, but also focus on them thematically. In 2020, for example, we informed all of our congress partners about “accessible events”.

We will of course continue to focus on sustainability when planning future networking events.

Our commitment

At the beginning of 2021, the Frankfurt Convention Bureau joined the sustainability code for the German-speaking event industry through an initiative known as "fairpflichtet", which was launched by the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and the German Convention Bureau (GCB).

In joining this initiative, participating companies and organisations voluntarily undertook to implement the code in accordance with its guiding principles and to make every effort to meet these guidelines in the future as well. Furthermore, each company has also undertaken to define their own objectives and measures while documenting their results by way of a special progress report.

The sustainability activities and objectives of the Frankfurt Convention Bureau are documented and made transparent in the following progress report.

Progress report "fairpflichtet" of the Frankfurt Convention Bureau (only in german language)