Painting Party

for 10 to 1000 persons, 1 to 2 hours


Paint a different picture!

Interested in taking part in a creative work session of an entirely different variety? Join us with your friends, colleagues or customers and together paint a picture that also features each individual’s creative input. Invest two fun-filled hours and get in return the satisfaction of creative collaboration. To start with, your guests are given the opportunity to create their own masterpieces on a 40 cm by 50 cm canvas using acrylic paints. Our professional painters are on hand to take participants through the painting process step by step, providing playful instruction and helpful hints to the amateur artists. The fruits of two hours of fun-filled labour, enjoyed in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, are paintings that can be taken home straight away, or, if created by team effort, hung in the entrance of your office or in its conference room, for example. We’ll have everything waiting for you in our art studio to turn this event into an unforgettable experience. We also have a wide selection of motifs from which you may choose the one that best suits your style. For a small fee, we are also willing and able to create a very individual painting according to your specific wishes. This incentive programme is particularly well suited as a team event, offering diverse opportunities for creative co-operation. For further information, simply contact us. What’s more, we are mobile. If your group is of a larger size, we’ll be happy to come to a location of your choosing. Our staff will set everything up well beforehand and will leave no trace at the end of the event. Sounds interesting? It is! We look forward to hearing from you!