Frankfurt Congress Statistics

Analysis of the most important statistics, e.g., number of events per year, countries of origin of event organizers etc.

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Here are the latest results for 2022/2023:

The range of event venues, event centres and conference hotels

253 event venues, including 64 event centres, 93 conference hotels and 96 event locations.

Number of events and delegates on site
54,937 on-site events (purely physical as well as hybrid events) took place in Frankfurt am Main in 2022, which were attended by around 3.29 million on-site participants (participants of purely physical events and on-site participants of hybrid events). This corresponds to an increase of +42.3 % in on-site events and +188,6 % in on-site participants compared to the previous year. Therefore, Frankfurt am Main recorded strong increases in both participants and events.

Hybrid and virtual formats

Extrapolated for all event formats (purely physical events, hybrid and virtual events), there were around 82,680 events with 4.76 million participants in Frankfurt am Main. Due to the abolition of restrictions due to the corona pandemic in the course of the past year, the virtual formats declined sharply; but the hybrid events also recorded a decline, with participants divided in of 30% on-site to 70% online.

Seminars, conferences and congresses are the most important type of events

Meetings and conferences accounted for over 70 % of all events in Frankfurt am Main and thus making them the most important pillar of the events market. Regarding the size categories, small meetings with up to 50 participants dominated in 2022 with 65.8 % of all events, although the proportion of size categories with more participants increased significantly. The proportion of large events (over 1,000 participants) was 1.9 %, significantly higher than in previous years.

Frankfurt again recorded more international visitors

The proportion of international events in Frankfurt am Main was 4.1 %, higher than the German figure of 1.9 %. Foreign organizers came mainly from Great Britain, Switzerland and Austria. The proportion of foreign participants in Frankfurt am Main was 8.6%, significantly above the German average of 3.9%.

Most important types of organizers and economic key sectors

In Frankfurt am Main, as throughout Germany, companies dominated as the most important customer group with 60.4 %. The most important sectors were once again the financial sector, followed by chemicals/pharmaceuticals/life science and transport/logistics/mobility.

Rising turnover among suppliers

Turnover in the supplier businesses has increased significantly. Overall, there was a turnover increase of around 87 % compared to 2021. For the coming years 2023 and 2024, Frankfurt suppliers are expecting an increase in turnover of around 30%.


The industry players are already expecting more events for the current year 2023 than in the previous year. The booking situation for the coming months is moving back towards normal operations before Corona for more than two thirds of the Frankfurt businesses.

Background information

The Frankfurt Convention Bureau works together with the European Institute for the Conference Industry (EITW) to create the Meeting & EventBarometer for the city of Frankfurt am Main. The basis is the publication of the same name for the German events market, which is published on behalf of the German Convention Bureau e.V. (GCB), the European Association of Event Centers e.V. (EVVC) and the German National Tourist Board (DZT). In this way, a comparison with the Germany-wide events market is possible.

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