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Current rules and regulations for business events and accommodations in Frankfurt 

Safe Meetings in Frankfurt
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Safe business events in Frankfurt am Main - What is allowed, and what isn’t? 

Status: 17th January 2022

In Hesse, the regulations of the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance (CoSchuV) apply to business events and overnight stays. We have summarized the most important information for you. 

Since the incidence value in Frankfurt is above 350 for 3 consecutive days, the following regulations will apply to events from 8th January 2022. If the incidence rate falls below the threshold again for five days in a row, the rules cease to apply. 


Rules for events

Gatherings with no more than 10 persons in public spaces are not considered events in the sense of the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance, i.e., no special rules apply. It is recommended, however, that only persons with a negative test result should be present at all indoor gatherings, even if this is not officially required; the underlying test should have been taken no more than 24 hours before. This also applies to vaccinated or recovered persons. For private gatherings the above-mentioned contact restrictions must be observed. 

Events with more than 10 persons are allowed if

1. in closed rooms

  • a maximum of 250 participants will be admitted,
  • only vaccinated and recovered persons are present with a negative test result (2G+) and a mask obligation is observed; Individuals with a booster vaccination do not need additional negative proof in areas covered by the 2G-plus rule,
  • a distance and hygiene concept is available and implemented,

2. outdoors

  • a maximum of 1.000 participants will be admitted,
  • only vaccinated and recovered persons are admitted (2G) and a mask obligation is observed,
  • a distance and hygiene concept is in place and implemented.


Rules for hotels 

  • Business travelers who are not vaccinated or recovered must provide proof of a current valid negative test upon arrival (rapid antigen test: valid for 24 hours/PCR test valid for 48 hours). For multiple consecutive overnight stays, a daily test must be taken and the negative test result submitted. Otherwise, guests must depart or immediately report to their health department and enter domestic quarantine in the event of a positive test result.  
  • Only guests who are either vaccinated or recovered and can also present a negative test result (2G+) may be admitted to shared facilities (dining halls, swimming pools, fitness facilities). This also applies to business travelers. Individuals with a booster vaccination do not need additional negative proof.
  • In outdoor catering areas, 2G applies.
  • Masks are mandatory in all interior areas of the hotel. 


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