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Frankfurt is often referred to as “Germany’s largest chemist’s shop”, ranking highly among the nation’s most significant medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical locations. The history of the production of insulin in Germany startet in Hoechst in 1923 for example, and - until today - the world's largest insulin production is taking place in the city. Nowadays the Höchst Industrial Park, that was established in Frankfurt over 150 years ago, is home to more than 90 companies with it`s  460 hectares.

The biotech firms based in Frankfurt, for example, are known to be some of the most prominent in all of Germany. Thousands of employees research, develop and distribute products of the pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology sector from right here in Frankfurt, while the three most important German chemical associations – DECHEMA, GDCh and VCI – also call the Main metropolis their home. The latter of these three represents the economic interests of some 1,650 companies of the German chemical industry.

The “House of Pharma” in Frankfurt provides the ideal framework for collaborations between the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, which also include representatives from the fields of business, politics, science and society. The House of Pharma promotes the exchange of knowledge and information while focusing specifically on the core areas of further education, dialogue and research in a highly interdisciplinary way.