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Frankfurt has become the “digital heart” of Europe, a bustling national and international data hub.

Countless companies, component suppliers and service providers of the global IT and telecommunications industry have in recent years set up shop in the city. Together, they represent one of the key components of the service and manufacturing location of the city. Frankfurt is home to DE-CIX, the most important German internet exchange node and the world’s largest and most reliable data transfer site. DE-CIX processes 90% of all domestic and 35% of all European internet traffic.

In 2015, De-Cix in Frankfurt became the first operator to achieve the record figure of four Terabit per second (Tbps). To give you some idea of how impressive this is, imagine printing out and filing away enough data to surround all of Frankfurt with ring binders – a mere 113 kilometres’ worth. That’s how much data De-Cix transfers in less than two seconds. Alike several thousand miles of fiber optic cables run through the city.

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