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Mainhattan from the River ... the ideal after-work incentive for your staff

for 10 bis 130 persons, 1 to 3 hours


Come and experience the metropolis on the River Main from an entirely different perspective! This unique event starts off with you and your employees taking to the river in tip-resistant boats in the Frankfurt riverside district of Oberrad. During your maritime outing, you’ll be offered many breathtakingly beautiful views of Frankfurt, be it the new ECB building complex, the Eiserne Steg footbridge or the banking skyline on the one side, or the famous museum embankment on the other. Either way, there are plenty of sights to see, that much is certain! There’s also something to do, however. Aside from the boat race, participants will also be challenged in the subjects of maritime navigation, rope and knotting techniques and the dreaded H2O quiz. There’s also the option of a luncheon if your employees desire it, although they’ll first have to pluck the picnic baskets from the underside of the Eiserne Steg footbridge. Once the river outing has come to an end, the picnic will be held on the Main’s scenic embankment.