Raft construction followed by a raft trip

Premium Partner

for 6 to 200 persons, 2 to 4 hours


Tackle together and set sail with your own creation - when building a raft, everyone contributes their strengths. The creative team event can be held at various lakes south of Frankfurt and welds every company community together. Team spirit is very important when you and your colleagues build a fully functional raft out of boards, logs and other floating objects. All materials used are of course environmentally friendly and 100% reused!

  • The wood used for making the raft is locally and sustainably sourced. 
  • All of the materials used for the construction of the raft are reused. This includes everything from the wood used to the hemp ropes and the hoses that serve as buoyancy.
  • We use selected caterers from the region for the barbeque.
  • Our vehicles are modern and meet the latest emission standards.
  • For regional incentives, where no large loads have to be transported as in raft-building, we use our own e-cars and e-bus.