Spas and Health Resorts in Hessen: stimulating - powerful - enjoyable

Mineral springs, brine, moor and state-recognized healing climate - the treasure chest of nature is hidden in the 30 spas and health resorts in Hesse. Where emperors, kings and artists used take their cure, it is now time for us to discover that rich tradition.

In an out of the ordinary landscape, the spas and health resorts proudly tell of their history and skillfully combine it with the modern. Splendid spa hotels and Art Nouveau villas show their most beautiful sides and allows one to discover an unknown world. The historic old towns excite, baths and spas fascinate, and spa parks enchant the senses. Water bubbles powerfully here and there from the depths of the earth and brings to the surface valuable minerals and trace elements. It gently bathes the body in the bath and, while letting it float, invites the mind to embark on a journey into the world of fantasy. As a drinking cure, healing water works like a true fountain of health. Whoever immerses him/ or herself in a warm mud bath, can sense the primal forces of nature.

For millennia, Mother Earth has preserved her healing ingredients and treated them as medical remedies. She gives the body new powers and encourages it to heal itself. Take a deep breath and enjoy the wonders: Healthy climate is a natural remedy of a special kind. In selected areas, a wind- and weather mixture that conserves, stimulates and regenerates. If you journey through the spas and health resorts in Hesse, then take a stroll through the spa parks. The stylishly designed and lovingly maintained spa facilities created by Lenné or Siesmeyer, seduce one to enter a world of enticing adventure. Fountains as well as small temples protect the healing waters and proudly point to the treasures of the earth. The spas and spa facilities inspire you to visit their rich cultural offerings. A variety of exciting museums and galleries invite you to attend concerts, theater performances and readings and provide an entertaining change in the daily routine.