Magical experiences in the Brothers-Grimm-City Hanau

A charming fairy-tale castle with the newly opened children’s museum "GrimmsMärchenReich", a magical amphitheatre with the renowned Brothers Grimm Festival, Hesse's most beautiful farmers’ market  and the world‘s oldest carousel make a visit to Hanau, the world-famous Brothers Grimm's birth city, unforgettable.

As the starting point of the German Fairy Tale Route Hanau offers numerous, fairytale experiences – especially the Brothers Grimm Festival from mid-May to end of July, which brings over 80,000 visitors to the amphitheatre every year. Just a stone throw away from the playing grounds, the new "GrimmsMärchenReich" opened its doors in spring of 2019 – situated in Philippsruhe Castle, the hands-on museum takes families and children on a magical journey through seven interactive fairytale worlds.

A famous picture motive is the almost seven metres tall bronze sculpture of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The national memorial from 1896 stands in the city’s heart, right on the market square. Surrounding the memorial is the weekly farmers’ market on Wednesday and Saturday, which consists of over 100 stalls and is a popular destination for excursions and get-togethers. During Christmas time, the farmers’ market is replaced with a "magical Christmas market", whose 75 stalls invite visitors to stroll around, savour and indulge in delicious treats.

Entertaining costume-tours with the Brothers Grimm and their contemporaries, a trip in the fairytale-train as well as Hanau’s fairytale-path in the city centre are more tourist experiences under the banner of the world-famous fairytale-collectors.

Fairytale-like are also the Wilhelmsbad Spa Gardens. Not only Hesse’s Doll and Toy museum calls them its home but they also house the world’s oldest, detached, functioning carousel. Built in 1780, it has been refurbished since and offers rides on its pompously painted wooden horses and carriages multiple times a year.

More excursion destinations in the Brothers-Grimm-City are the German Goldsmith-house, the wildlife-park “Alte Fasanerie” in the city’s part of “Klein-Auheim” as well as Steinheim’s old town. Additionally invite twelve museums, various markets, around 1000 events per year and 300 shops, cafes and restaurants visitors to explore Hanau’s city centre.

Yearly Highlights

  • Mid-May to end of July: Brothers Grimm Festival at the amphitheatre
  • Mid-June: "Lamboyfest" in Hanau’s old town
  • End of July: Hanau's "Kultoursommer" (cultural summer) including Wilhelmsbad’s Summer-Night
  • Start of September: Hanau's "Bürgerfest" (resident's fest) at the river Main’s shores
  • December: Magical Christmas market on the market square