The Big Five of the new old Town

© #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann

1. Goldene Waage

This fully reconstructed stately home dates back to 1618 and features original furnishings and a branch location of the Historical Museum Frankfurt.

2. Stadthaus

The “Town House” is home to Frankfurt’s Archaeological Museum, a subterranean dig site and the oldest structural remnants of Frankfurt’s original inhabitants. It is made up of the “Kaiserpfalz franconofurd”, a former imperial palace, as well as a mediaeval cellar and a Roman bathhouse.

3. Goldenes Lämmchen

The “Golden Lamb” is a former patrician house with a beautiful rear courtyard made up of elements spanning four architectural periods, which once served as an outdoor sales market.

4. Hühnermarkt

This famous plaza is home to the Stoltze Fountain, Rotes Haus – the former guild house of Frankfurt butchers – and the one-time residence of Goethe’s favourite aunt, Johanna Melber. Today, Haus Esslinger is the site of the Struwwelpeter Museum (Shock-Haired Peter Museum).

5. The Coronation Route

It was this path – stretching from Emperors’ Cathedral to Römer City Hall – that newly elected emperors took on the day of their coronation.