Bus Parking

Where to park and stop for boarding and deboarding.

Please find below the most relevant bus parking facilities in Frankfurt. We try to keep it up to date but for more detailed information and latest updates we recommend you to visit www.mainziel.de.

Boarding/Deboarding Berliner Straße / Paulskirche (near Römerberg, max. 15 minutes) 6 parking spaces
  Wiesenhüttenplatz (max. 30 minutes) 2 parking spaces
Parking  Breitenbachstraße 35 parking spaces
  Dürerstraße (near Städelmuseum) 2 parking spaces
  Dreieichstraße (near Klappergasse) 1 parking space
  Siesmayerstraße (Palmengarten) 4 parking spaces
  Theodor-Stern-Kai  17 parking spaces
  Untermainanlage 3 parking spaces
  Untermainkai / westlich Eiserner Steg (parking max. 2.5 h) 5 parking spaces

Status: 16th April 2021