Augmented Reality App "Frankfurt Citytour"

Experience the imperial coronation of Joseph II with Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1764.

Explore the coronation path through the new Frankfurt Old Town and be a part of the coronation ceremony of Joseph II in 1764.

Technical information

All you need is a smartphone or tablet with internet access to download the app. Once installed you no longer need an active connection to use the app. However, while using the app your GPS signal needs to be switched on.

First stop: Emperors’ Cathedral St Bartholomew

Between 1562 and 1792, Emperors’ Cathedral served as the coronation site of eight emperors and two kings. Just a short while ago, you would have experienced first-hand the coronation of Joseph II.

But what else does Emperors’ Cathedral have to offer nowadays, aside from the countless special events that are held there?


Second stop: The “Hühnermarkt”

Frankfurt’s old town looks back on a long and storied past, one that dates back more than twelve hundred years. Today, the so-called New Frankfurt Old Town stands tall as one of the most significant architectural achievements of modern times.


Third stop: The “Römerberg”

The Römerberg old town centre has been hosting festivals, markets, fairs and tournaments since the 09th century. It also served as a place of execution and the site of imperial elections and coronations.


Fourth stop: The “Römer”

The Römer is the premier landmark of Frankfurt, right alongside the city skyline. Whether you’re here on business or pleasure, a visitor or a local – the beautiful Römerberg is a photo opportunity not to be missed.