Second stop: The “Hühnermarkt”

Frankfurt’s old town looks back on a long and storied past, one that dates back more than twelve hundred years. Today, the so-called New Frankfurt Old Town stands tall as one of the most significant architectural achievements of modern times.

Few known that Frankfurt’s old town was almost entirely destroyed during the air raids of the Second World War. The 15 faithful reconstructions that make up part of the “new” old town are all based on the blueprints of their historical predecessors, while the 20 new constructions represent a much more modern style, one that however incorporates many typical architectonic elements of former times, including traditional characteristics such as colourful building façades, old house symbols, timber-frame components and ornaments made of local sandstone.

Today, the Hühnermarkt with the Stoltze Fountain at its centre is once again at the heart of Frankfurt's old town. The fountain, which had not yet stood there at the time of the coronation, is dedicated to the famous Frankfurt writer and dialect poet, Friedrich Stoltze.

It is also here that you’ll find “Haus zum Esslinger”, the former home of J.W. Goethe’s favourite aunt, Johanna Melber, whom he visited there regularly.

Come and immerse yourself in the New Frankfurt Old Town with its winding laneways and picturesque plazas, its shops, restaurants, cafés and museums. You’ll find plenty of space and opportunity to relax, enjoy and discover.

The New Old Town

The 90-minutes New Old Town walking tour explains to visitors the concept behind the quarter's restoration Frankfurt looks back on a long and storied past, one that dates back thousands of years. During this time, the area was inhabited by...


1 hrs. 30 min.

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A Sunny Old Town Stroll

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