Short Distances

tram - © traffiQ

Frankfurt is a small city, one that is easy to discover on foot or by way of its excellent public transport system. Getting around town in either of these two ways is not only quick and easy, it also gives you the chance to discover its many hidden places, its charming nooks and crannies and its less-known sights, which are otherwise not quite so easy to find.

Travelling from Frankfurt Airport to the city centre is a simple thing; in fact, it’s only about a 15-minute trip by train. Having arrived at Frankfurt’s main train station, visitors will find that all other urban destinations and major sightseeing attractions are close by. The Römerberg old town centre, for example, one of the most popular attractions, is only a five-minute tram ride away. In fact, it’s possible to traverse the entire city centre in less than 30 minutes…